To transform into a successful Primary Teacher Education Program that actively engages in the global competitive era by preparing professionals in the field of Primary School education, parenting, and the development of character-rich and highly critical-thinking human resources by the year 2030.


  • Organizing education and teaching activities to produce professionals in the fields of primary school education, parenting, and human resource development, enabling them to thrive in an era of intense competition and rapid change through the implementation of the Pendidikan Holistik Berbasis Karakter (PHBK) model.

  • Organizing innovative and creative research programs, particularly those related to building character and high-order thinking skills (Higher Order Thinking Skills) in primary school-aged children, such as creativity, critical thinking, analytical thinking, reflective thinking, divergent thinking, and solution-oriented thinking.

  • Orginizing qualified community service programs that can provide addded value to the community in efforts to develop primary school education.

  • Establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with educational institutions, government agencies, and societal organizations to contribute to the development of elementary school education.